Wednesday, September 29, 2004

law & order

so... do you watch LAW & ORDER?
people joke about my devotion to this series.
the senior cop (up til now jerry orbach) as always had some great eye-candy partners - chris noth, benjamin bratt, jesse martin.. but i digress

i noticed in one early episode, when dan florek was the police lieutenant in charge, that s. epatha merkerson (who is NOW the LT, and has been for quite some time) played the mother of a teen criminal/victim. she was a ghetto mom.

tonight, i see that the actor playing the son of a murder victim had a role in the series previously as a criminal !

i have done casting. doesn't dick wolf's casting director keep track of the actors who do these parts?

night owl

people ask me why i stay up til all hours.
i need time to decompress from the day.
being around people all day; having to DEAL with people and BE WITH people all day.
i just want time alone.

privacy. solitude.

and its directly proportional to the amount of time i've spent dealing w/ the public. 8 hours in the world: at LEAST 5 hours of decompression, then another 4 hours to do my own things.
meaning, i come home from the world at 6, i go to bed at 3.

tonight, i came home from the world at 10. probably going to bed around 5 AM

by the way, today, NYC got the remains of hurricane, now tropical storme jeanne.
have you ever had waterlogged shoes?
i have them.
every time i went out today, i got caught in a downpour.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

some of the junk mail i receive

What does anyone expect to gain from sending this email?
I mean REALLY...
I cannot believe the kind of spam that gets sent out!
Would someone interact with these insane people and let us all know what's up

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

rock the casbah / twofer tuesday

DJ'd last night for a little while at the ding dong
here's the set, what i can remember - MADE IN DETROIT (it was gonna be a great lakes night, but they twisted my arm to stick to detroit)

party planet rising - detroit city council
hangin' out - detroit city council
those things - the beggars
rock star divine - the beggars
people what's wrong with you, part 2 - the witches
sparklers n snakes - the witches
don't slander me - the sirens
gudbuy t'jane - the sirens
bright side - the paybacks
me - the paybacks
helter skelter/my generation - ramrods
search & destroy - ramrods
i think i've had it - the gories
charm bag - the gories

THEN a guy asked to hear the ramones - but of course. from the first album
listen to my heart
havana affair
53rd & 3rd

MCHUGE joined in the detroit mood and played
whatever possessed you - troy gregory
ko & the knockouts
backstage at juanita's - the forty fives (recorded at ghetto recorders - kind of the theme for the hour)
and he also played mr airplane man - not made in detroit completely but recorded there (and mixed in memphis, which is probably the best you can do --- have jim diamond record you, greg cartwright mix you)

there was a lot more, but this is all i can remember.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

off with his head!

i used to laugh hysterically at the comment, "off with her head!"
imagining the guillotine, the french revolution and all that.
i thought that barbarism was over when marie antoinette had hers.

then these recent beheadings... its just wrong.
how can one man hold a sharp axe or machete and slice the head off another man?
it is just wrong
that war in iraq is wrong
bush is wrong

how do you tell the families of these victims, "i regret to inform you that your husband has been beheaded."

i just cannot imagine what goes through the mind of the executioner
the victim
his family

is the news media going to keep reporting this so that it is so commonplace that we are no longer shocked?
i am mortified

Monday, September 20, 2004

weekend update

spent the weekend in cleveland, ohio
it was the dead boys reunion / stiv bators tribute show at the beachland ballroom.
my photos were part of the exhibit.
actually - you can go here to see one of the photos (it was used as the postcard to promote the show):

also exhibiting were jim lanza (who made photo collages of shots of stiv & the lords and various other bands over the years) and anastasia pantsios, who has photographed music in cleveland for decades

stiv's parents were there. adorable people. sweet, salt of the earth. i love them as if they were my own parents.

the rock show was pretty damn fabulous
rainy day saints opened and did a 4 song set from stiv's solo album, disconnected
make up your mind, bad luck charm, a million miles away, the last year

the witch hunters, with mike metoff were up next, pulling out some chestnuts
question of temperature (lords), have love, will travel (the old seattle garage fave that stiv covered), its cold outside (cover of a song by the choir, which stiv covered and released as a single) and death may be your santa claus (frankenstein - early version of the dead boys)

cobra verde - who are one of my favorite bands ever
open your eyes (lords), livin' on livin' (lords) i need lunch (dead boys) and a cover of search & destroy, which the dead boys covered

the sign offs did a set of their own material.

then the DEAD BOYS - those who remain, and they are intact, absent stiv - did a set of everything you wanted to hear with jimmy zero and cheetah chrome on vocals.

there was a total punk rock-jerry springer-esque chick fight in the ladies room that took itself to the lobby and there was beer and blood spilled.

i took no pictures. well, i found a little street called "theresa ct." and photographed that street sign

what else did i do in cleveland?

went to see cobra verde at the grog shop on friday night. it was a great set.
i'd never been to cleveland heights before. university neighborhood. reminds me of the woodbridge section of detroit.

actually, it was a big week for cobra verde & me. saw them monday & tuesday in brooklyn & hoboken. spent the weekend with them in cleveland. i love those guys.

i love the midwest. destination of my relocation. now which city specifically? have yet to decide.

bye for now.