Saturday, February 26, 2005


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This is young Nicholaus Arson of the Swedish garage rock sensation, The Hives. He crossed my path on Irving Place as I was walking from my dinner with The Reigning Sound at Pete's Tavern towards Irving Plaza for the gig where both bands were playing.

Do you think he's good looking? A lot of young girls do - and he's eye candy, to be sure. Nice clear blue eyes and black hair - that's a big plus in my book.

The reason I ask is that I have been thinking about looks, appearances, attractiveness and all that for a couple days.

As I walked across the Abbey Avenue Viaduct, with traffic zooming past me as well as below me, I pondered the silly photo session I had a couple weeks ago. Its like when you think about Cheap Trick - there's a band with two rock stars and two cartoon characters. Who's easier to photograph? Ostensibly, either/or. Each type has a pose, a look, a stance. I photographed such a band, and don't you know it, the cute guy and the front man were just too hard to capture. The two guys whose photos turned out beautifully were the so-called regular guys.

So, it got me to thinking about how men and women look at each other, in terms of gaze. In terms of being an object and a subject.

And I decided to twist around that postmodern feminist take on film theory - Laura Mulvey's concept of "the male gaze." I am creating a collection called The Female Gaze.

I think it should speak volumes for itself.

So, Nic is not yet in that collection. I'm only posting seven men per week. One a day. That's plenty. Or maybe even too much!

Nic will join the ranks next week. And joining him will be #2 in my series of Bass Players With Money ! ? Who knows who else?

Friday, February 25, 2005

Dracula's hiding place

Dracula's hiding place
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I have been staying up late, really late these past few days. Going to bed around 5 AM.

I have this rule: I must be in bed before the sun comes up. If I'm not, the day is shot to hell.

Just like Dracula.

Dracula's Hiding Place - it is a sewer grate across the street from the 56th Street entrance to Carnegie Hall. This grate was foundried in Romania, which is where Transylvania is. Dracula's Hiding Place.

Why do I stay up so late? Another idiosyncracy. I kind of have to wash dishes before I go to sleep. Just a strange habit I picked up so long ago that I don't remember. It's like the morning idiosyncracy I have. First thing I eat has to be breakfast food, even if I wake up at 7 PM. Gotta be toast, an egg, cereal. Can't be pizza or anything like that.

Weird. Tonight I'm going to forego the dishwashing. I'm tired.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Cooking with Cobra Verde

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About ten days ago, I did photos with Cobra Verde, a Cleveland rock band I rather like.

They are a nice bunch of fellas. Real dudes, you know? Midwestern guys who like cars, sports, beer and girls, and probably in that order, although, I'm sure sports comes in at first position more often than not.

What's good about Cobra Verde is that they play Big Dumb Rock over some clever lyrics and they don't take the game so seriously like some bands do to the point where you want to slap them. They're also a good ensemble and although they can be sloppy, its good sloppy - meaning, FUN.

But when you take those attributes and put the five men up in the attic with a few changes of clothes and some dramatic lighting, all hell breaks loose and its like herding cats.

Having them pose was a challenge. They posed, and I bet they don't know the attitude that comes across. It was probably one of the more trying sessions I've had. I've photographed people known to be difficult and they were in fact, easy to work with. I thought Cobra Verde would be fun and goofy - but they were goofy like pranksters and I think we missed opportunities to capture something archival or legacy-oriented.

On the other hand - there's this shot in the kitchen where they look like they're enjoying it.

How much you wanna bet this is their favorite shot of the day's work as well?

Really PLEASE don't get me wrong. I like these people. I do. And I think you would enjoy the brand of rock they purvey. So catch em when you can.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

If you need a plumber...

Johnny Hentch
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This morning, my phone rang insistently, every hour on the hour, until I picked it up at 11 AM. You see, last night, I went to bed around 5 AM. It's all work - really, my life is not that interesting....

Anyway, it was the landlady. Sweet, sweet woman - Katherine. She called to say that the plumber would be coming in the next day or so to install a new shower in the apartment across the way, and if I should have any plumbing needs, to please let her know so that the plumber's visit could be cost effective.

So, this reminds me to share this photo of my favorite plumber, John Szymanski. Or Mr. Johnny Hentch, as you know him.

John plays keyboards in Detroit's long standing top notch garage rock n roll ensemble, The Hentchmen. He also played bass for the Paybacks since their inception.

Let me tell you this about plumbers who play bass -- you don't want to arm wrestle with these guys. They are STRONG.

Johnny Hentch. Usually Hentch is the first guy I see when I arrive in Detroit. We manage to make it to the same bars and restaurants at the same time. John is one swell dude. Just about the nicest man you could ever meet. I can't say enough about him.

In this pic, John was a late arrival at the Sunday afternoon Woodbridge softball game. It was rather cool for an August afternoon. John came as the game was shutting down, and afterwards the whole gang went to Mexican town for dinner. Did I say that John's a car dude as well and drives one fine ride?

The Hentchmen are playing at the Kraftbrau Brewey in Kalamazoo this weekend (Feb. 25) with The Gore Gore Girls. If that's in your driving radius, you should check it out.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Most popular photo!

Clem & Syl
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I am so thrilled! This photo is the most popular one on my site at Flickr. To make things better, Syl wrote me and said he loved the pic! Just made my day.

Clem Burke and Syl Sylvain are two of my favorite people on Earth. Clem has been a friend since the 70s and Syl is simply a dear. They're both great players, real New Yorkers and living legends.

Long may they run...

love you guys!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Has it really been a year?

A year ago today, I was in the throes of filming a live event that would launch a whole new adventure and change my life.

Julie and I bonded in a way over the silly and chivalrous behavior of men in our orbit that day.

I'm in Cleveland now as a result of creative bonds I made that day - so the absolutely ludicrous things that happened last year did have a silver lining.

I still can't believe I yelled at Greg Cartwright when he and the Reigning Sound showed up about 15 minutes before they were supposed to play. It was the trickle down theory in full play - people yelled at me about why the band was late, and when the band showed up, I was agitated and took it out on them.

I love The Reigning Sound. Do Greg and Jeremy think I'm silly for continuing to apologize for yelling at them?

Julie - Julie Benjamin, singer for The Fondas. She's one of those beautiful women who is not sure she is beautiful. I love her. She is so kind and a real girlfriend.

Julie looked amazing as I filmed her from onstage. She turned to look at me filming her a couple times during the night, and those shots I captured as a result of her turning my way are the highlight of all those rolls of film I shot. She looked at me as if to ask, "am I doing OK here?" with her eyes, looking for approval. There is no better "come hither" shot in the history of anything I have filmed.

At the end of the night, all I can say is that shenanigans ensued. Dave impressed me with his chivalry.

They had a beautiful wedding last October.

That night a year ago I knew I would be making a big change just as soon as possible. When I spent a week of my summer vacation staying with Julie and Dave in Detroit, just being able to chat about things made me resolute in that decision.

Thanks Julie. I love you!

Today's most popular band photo

Detroit City Council
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I woke up this morning to find that this photo of the Detroit City Council is the most popular of band photos I have posted on Flickr, a photo sharing website where I have 100 photos posted.

I'm pleased. I LOVE DETROIT CITY COUNCIL. Led by Tom Potter, they are a fun and funky ensemble and one of the rare white boy funk bands to have the wherewithall to have a Black rhythm section. It's funk, after all. And it's DETROIT!

This picture reminds me of one of the little photos inside the gatefold cover of The Band's first album. The picture was taken in the big warehouse rehearsal space the band has in Detroit's Cass Corridor. Its right next door to a branch of the post office where I got some exceptionally attitudinal service.

For those who don't know - DCC's frontman Tom Potter was the founder of Bantam Rooster, one of the first two-man bands to hit the popular music radar. In it, he played a loud and nasty guitar. Their album, "Deal Me In" was a seminal entry in the 1990's resurgence of Detroit as a repository of exceptional music. Tom went on to join the The Dirtbombs, where he provided the fuzz on bass and baritone guitar. Now he fronts Detroit City Council.

My favorite funk band.

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Sammy after the rainstorm
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Today, I woke up to flurries. All kinds of snow fell today - some big wet flakes - some driving little ones. It all turned to rain as darkness fell. The power flickered on and off a few times. Now its just raining. Freezing rain.

This is a photo of Sammy, all rain-soaked after a walk. He is my friend Donna's dog. He's a Bichon Frise. This breed won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show in 2004. Nice dogs. They have hair - not fur. They're really smart.

Sammy has a cute underbite when he smiles. He likes to have bacon fat drizzled on his kibble, but I don't think Donna can get behind that. He does like broccoli, however...

Third World Foundry

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As I typed in that title, I thought, "hmm, good name for a political punk band!"

I started photographing manhole covers and other foundried "art" about 5 years ago in Brooklyn, NY. As I walked from the subway to my friend Barbara's house, I noticed that the manhole covers that bore the names "NYC Sewer" or "NEW YORK" also bore the origination of the foundry that pounded them out: Made in China or Made in India.

I loved the manhole cover designs - they looked like tribal tattoos and they picked up and reflected light like nothing else. Shooting them presented a panoply of photographic delights - each film stock caught different reflective nuances- each time of day made them shine differently too.

On a socio-political level, it was far too easy to go off on a tangent such as "on the backs of the Third World, posh New Yorkers flush...." But it is pretty obviously there for the ranting.

This manhole cover is in front of the Trader Joe's store in Arroyo Grande, CA. I ducked into Trader Joe's to pick up some lunch victuals for my day at Pismo Beach with my two nieces (yesterday's post) and saw this India-foundried gem.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

At least they love me...

My two nieces
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That's right - I have not been feeling the love lately.

But I can count on my two nieces -- Sheila the dog, and Joy -- they love me and they miss me. I get the silly phone calls that tell me so.

When the below-freezing temperatures and lake effect snow exacerbate my arthritis (its in my hip bones, doncha know - sometimes I walk like an old lady), I look back at this photo, taken at Pismo Beach (it exists - Bugs Bunny did NOT make it up) in January and actually miss that about California. Its warm all the time. I find that abnormal - but it isn't abnormal for California.

So - not feeling the love. I am one of those people who need to have confirmations about EVERYTHING. It comes from being a manager and needing to know if things got done. And its one of those things where, in my old age, I am becoming my mom. She always wanted to know where I was going, who I was going with, when I was going to be home and all that stuff that moms want to know. And she always threatened that when I had my own kids, I would understand what I was putting her through.

Well, I have a niece. And I can see, from the safety of the "Cool Aunt" position, just how right my mom was.

But back to this confirmation thing - I worked for a year with the law firm that represents Sherry Lansing, the outgoing President of Paramount Pictures. Those rumors that she returned every incoming phone call is true. It makes good business sense, especially to my Old World Work Ethic.

So - these past couple weeks - I've put questions out there, emails, telephone calls. Does anyone get back to me? No. And its not the substance of the answer that I care about - its just HELLO - give me an answer so that I can get on with what I'm doing and that thing where I needed your input. Without your response, I'm just moving ahead without you.

Question is: does it really hurt me more than it hurts you, or vice versa?

Friday, February 18, 2005

Prunes by a nose

Girls & Prunes
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The other day, Dorien & Ko were the two most popular ladies on my photo website. Today, it is The Gore Gore Girls - pictured here are Jen "The Deuce" and Amy Gore with two Electric Prunes backstage at the Underground Garage Festival of 2004.

Tonight, it just so happens, that I am going to see the Gore Gore Girls at the Beachland Tavern. Second time in four months in Cleveland.

Anyhoo --- I look forward to it.

Traffic Control

Traffic Control
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We're all in need of a little traffic control, aren't we?

So many things getting into our driving lane, messing things up. Delaying gratification. Simply getting in the way. Nothing you don't know. For instance: Everyone I know is broke. Its a vicious cycle. Most people I know hate their dead end jobs. That too is a vicious cycle. It is so hard to break the cycle - or even interrupt it. So very frustrating. And then there is that lethargic inertia here in the Midwest that I just do not understand.

In NYC, you need traffic control to keep the speeding human traffic down to a manageable pace to prevent accidents, pile-ups and all that. It is a go-go-go city where people know no boundaries, are highly motivated and a result achieve. They often achieve that which they do not deserve - but they grabbed it because they were driven.

This Traffic Control box was photographed in May 2004 on Flat Shoals in Atlanta's East Village - around the corner from The Echo Lounge.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

My favorite picture

Tom Potter
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This is Tom Potter. Dude from Detroit. He was the founder of Bantam Rooster, where he played a nasty, loud guitar. He was in the Dirtbombs, playing fuzz baritone guitar and bass. He now fronts Detroit City Council, a funky band doing covers and originals with a sense of humor.

I adore Tom Potter. He's funny. Tells a good story and is a good drinking buddy. He's a good sport about being photographed as well.

This shot was taken in the space where Detroit City Council rehearses. I love this picture of him. I just love everything about it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Stately plump Buck Mulligan

Somewhere in Hoboken
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Driving through Hoboken one Autumn afternoon in 2003, I happened upon this building. I don't know why it reminded me of Ulysses. But there was this train of thought that a building could be a character in a story as much as any person could, and so, here's this building AND its got my name on it. I no longer remember what street this building is located on.

Even though its kind of in the blue collar part of Hoboken, I still find stately elements in this building's facade. I don't much care for the cheaply affixed address on the glass door, but how could I not respond to my name etched in stone and spelled properly?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dead bird

Dead bird
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Twice this week when I've gone walking without my camera, I've seen dead birds. Sunday, there was a dead sparrow on the Abbey Avenue Viaduct. Today, I saw a dead bird in Lincoln Park, on my way back home from the laundromat.

I guess its the cold that kills these birds.

This particular dead bird was on the street in Brooklyn during the winter of 2003 - 2004. I think it was in November, because Rebecca Bird (who paints dead birds from life - well, death - from models) was over for Thanksgiving dinner and I remember telling her about the dead bird I saw on our street. 18th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Snow is expected tomorrow - I'll have camera in hand for dead birds and other surprises.

Most popular ladies

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This pic of Dorien Garry and Ko of the Dirtbombs is the #2 most popular pic on my little area of

Funny - I had a dream this morning - a truly bizarre one - that Dorien was in.

We were travelling to another island in the Bahamas - not Nassau, which is the most popular destination and the only one I know. We flew low over the islands, and the sand was like kosher salt - big, clear, sparkly chunks. Jeremy Scott was traveling with us. I had made reservations for our hotel rooms online. When we were checking in, I learned that the resort and the travel website were both bankrupt because neither honored the other's work. "This is not acceptable" I told the desk clerk. But she didn't seem to care.

That's the dream. There's no conclusion. Its just that Dorien was one of my traveling companions.

While I continue to have dreams each night where I am disappointed, at least now I'm not in dire, awful near death situations as I have been in the dreams I've been having for the past couple weeks. What gives?

Monday, February 14, 2005

Just like herding cats

On Saturday, I did a photo session in the attic with Cobra Verde. I like Cobra Verde. They play big dumb rock under some really clever lyrics. They have a lot of energy and are sloppy in a good, rock n roll way. However, they, like most bands, are a bunch of men who have never really progressed past the age of 15. They're just goofy. I was trying to take some serious pictures of them -- make them look like adults instead of goofballs, and picked the dark attic and opted for some really focused beams of light with some backlight from a window. Except they kept fidgeting. I felt completely inept. Two of them transformed from normal, friendly and genial guys into MEN WITH ATTITUDE just by the looks they wore when asked to pose. It was disconcerting - especially since they are all so nice and genial. Three of them maintained their ordinary goofball-ness, but I was pretty rattled by the innate ability of these men, just like children, to seize upon the fact that I was concerned over the changing light factor behind them - and they just messed around.

In the end, I'm sure we have enough good shots to live with. It was rather sunny outside and everyone put on their sunglasses and posed outdoors. They also posed in the kitchen around a pot of soup. How much you wanna bet that soup shot is what they go with?

ANYWAY..... this picture is of Stiv Bators and the band that backed him on his solo record, "Disconnected." They too were pranksters but they really came together for the photos in this session. And they're from Ohio too. What happened in the interim? Did someone say "Cleveland Rocks?"

Music & Grammys - mutually exclusive

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this is a nifty photo of Eugene Strobe, taken in Troy Gregory's house in Oak Park, MI sometime in 2004. Didn't the film perform fantastically?

Last night was "Music's biggest night." The Grammy Awards. Urgh.
What did I think?

Lots of face lifts.
A whole lotta hubris under false humility.
Led Zeppelin looking like grandmothers.
Tyra Banks walking up to the microphone and just standing there as if to say, "yeah, I'm beautiful. Admire me and then maybe I'll think about talking."
The Gospel Rap of Kanye West. Why does everybody like this so much? The performance was over the top and the Hubris award goes to Mr. West, who actually WON over the crowd and then blew it at the end of his number when he had those angel wings.
Also - there was just too much goddamned Jesus, ok?

However, Kris Kristofferson was damn sexy.

Jason Conrad Schafer and Ed came in during Joss Stone's OK rendition of Janis Joplin's "Cry Baby," and that was the end of the telecast for me.

Kluk's had to prevail.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Jim!!!

Jim Diamond
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February 12 is Jim Diamond's birthday. Happy Birthday, Jim. Many happy returns and welcome to my side of the hill, my Greek brother and fellow Spartan!

This pic of Jim was taken in his studio, Ghetto Recorders in Detroit. Jim is the go-to guy for true-to-live sounding, warm, analog recorded rock n roll. He has produced and/or recorded so many records that end up on my short list of favorites: all The Witches and Troy Gregory records, The High Strung, Wide Right, The Forty-Fives killer "High Life High Volume," The Ponys, The Mystery Girls, The Dirtbombs, the good Von Bondies (first) record, This Moment in Black History, The Compulsive Gamblers, and the list goes on and on.

Jim is calm in the face of recording studio chaos, confusion and nerves. He even gave me these swell noise cancelling headphones when I was there last year photographing The Witches. Soon, I'll post the pic of his cool blue oven. It doesn't work, but it looks like a car. It's Detroit, yo.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Yours truly

Originally uploaded by Theresa K.
It is lightly snowing right now in Cleveland, Ohio.

This photo of me was taken exactly 2 years ago today. I just had a haircut and needed a head shot for the SXSW website to accompany my bio - I was speaking on a panel there. The panel was something about using popular music in film & tv, which is what I am usually asked to talk about in these conventions.

Not going to SXSW this year - its cost prohibitive, but boy does Austin, TX in mid-March sound good to me! BBQ and a bunch of bands. But all in all, its kind of a pig fuck. In 2003, everywhere I went, I ran into someone I didn't want to see, but when you swim in a small pool, what can you expect? Thankfully, Bryan Malone was there to tank me up on vodka and BBQ, because with enough of that, you can forget everything. Oh, and when CC Adcock flirts with you, that helps too!

Leaving Austin and driving up to Dallas, I actually got lost (highway construction around the Dallas city limits) finding my hotel in Plano and never made it to see Bryan and the Forty-Fives open for the Dirtbombs at the Gypsy Tea Room.... I had a car and everything - but I was afraid I'd never find my way back to the hotel. What an idiot, huh? Well, a year later, I did see the Forty-Fives open for the Dirtbombs, so there you go.

SXSW 2003 was the last time my former music biz partner, Jack Emerson made a big public appearance.
He passed away in November of that year.
Truly sad. At SXSW 2003 and Americana Music Convention 2003, we were trying to kick start our new label, Jack Of Hearts Recordings. Jack was too ill in September at Americana to leave his house. Cash had passed right about the same time in Nashville. It was pretty sad for all that musical talent to be silenced so quickly in one place in one short year.... June, Johnny and Jack - same hospital, same city, same sadness.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

the thing about detroit....

tonight, in cleveland, i saw THE HIGH STRUNG
- a GREAT young band from detroit. they've got a lot of enery and play awesome, catchy rock songs - they have rough edges but they don't sound dirty. they sound vintage but not dated. i love them! tonight, they debuted stage clothes - white shirts and white jeans, each with navy blue stars down each side of the pants leg and the sleeves. would look FAB on tv. but they're not the hives, ok? they are THE REAL THING

the thing about detroit --- the media and hipsters glommed onto detroit music in the same way that they did with seattle 10 years ago. soon, all these poor rockers - with a little notoriety but not any more money than they started with - will fade out of the media like yesterday's trends and that makes me feel pretty bad..
i will keep making them lunch....although jann wenner should pay for it!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

International Cult Icon

Matthew Smith
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Matthew Smith.
I am proud to say that my friend Matt has been decreed as "international cult icon" by the Metro Times - Detroit's weekly alternative paper.

Check it out here:

Monday, February 07, 2005

Rainy Days & Mondays

Originally uploaded by Theresa K.
today was both rainy and Monday. I don't like Mondays - but I'm not about to go postal. I THINK I got a lot done today. It just feels inconsequential.

Checked out a new place to develop my film. Walked in the rain but didn't get wet. Walked a mile with a carton of eggs and no casualties!

I made a bunch of phone calls and then scoured my Filemaker program for the appropriate template for filing all my archive info. Just can't find the right template. And there are so many thousands of images to scan, too. Got cross-eyed just thinking about it.

Made penne with green beans earlier but I am still hungry. Ate a little bowl of cereal but that didn't do the trick. Why don't I just break down and buy ice cream?

Do you think I could sell automobiles? Would you buy a car from ME?

Cooking outdoors

Labor Day
Originally uploaded by Theresa K.
Last night was the Super Bowl -- or the Stupid Bowl as my friends Jahna and Blair call it. In fact, they still may be in the throes of their annual Stupid Bowl Party even though the game has been over for 4 hours.

Paul McCartney playing what the people want during the half time show. Man, he looks good for an old guy. What is he? 63 this year. Will we still love him when he's 64? I guess we will. After all, he wrote "Can't Buy Me Love" AND "Helter Skelter," which more than compensate for "Say Say Say" and the unfortunate collaborations with Michael Jackson.

Speaking of which, at this evening's Super Bowl party in Cleveland, one of the hosts simply refuses to believe that Jacko is a pedophile. OH COME ON. It is so obvious.

Better --- today was warm by winter standards - something like 49 degrees, which caused most of the piled up dirty snow to melt. Party hosts Michael and Rafeeq had a grill going outside and they cooked up chicken thighs, ribs, hot dogs and black eyed peas. Someone brought cole slaw. There were no sweets. Boo Hoo. The savory stuff was good, however.

Since I have no interest in football, apart from the Ohio teams' uniforms (orange for the Browns and tiger-striped helmets for the Bengals), this night was about food and watching the half time show and hoping for excellent car commercials. The commercials were certainly lackluster this year - in both presentation, concept and execution. Not a single commercial had amazing cinematography; not a single commercial had a clever concept - the bikers being afraid of "Ford Tough" trucks? Give me a break. No break-throughs in editing either. Bah humbug.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Somewhere in Cleveland

Somewhere in Cleveland
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Saturday night in Cleveland, Ohio. I am staying in because I feel like I am catching a cold.

A couple days ago, I wandered around downtown, trying to find my way back from a photo lab. I took a street that I thought was straight and on a grid. It wasn't. It curved around and led me in a big circle in the cold. For an hour or so. Now I feel the effects....

This street sign for "Theresa Ct." is at East 6th Street about one block south of St. Clair. The "court" runs across to East 9th Street. I took more pictures of it yesterday - in color.

Doesn't my life sound like a total bore?

Today is a day of rest. Tomorrow, I'll get organized.

Friday, February 04, 2005

the corner of literary and professor

This is where I am now. This is where I went after my long weekend in Detroit.

The corner of Literary and Professor is actually about a block away from me in the trendy Tremont section of Cleveland. Ohio, that is.

I think Clevelanders are probably nonplussed by this intersection but I was tickled. On one of the four corners of this intersection is a restaurant called "Theory." Where's Andrew Ross when you need a clever quip?

It was a lovely day today. I went for a long walk - kind of out of necessity. It is a mile to the public transport that crosses over into downtown. There's a bus that would take me to the train, but it only comes around every 20 minutes. In 20 minutes, I can walk a mile.

I found a photo lab yesterday that was promising, but today, their results were extremely disappointing. Sloppy! I've had better work from Walmart!

One more reason to stick around here long enough to raise the bar for professional visioneering services. Cine lab, photo lab, etc. etc.


the elizabethan world picture

i take pictures of signs, buildings, etc. that have my name on them. there's a building in hoboken, nj on garden street named "theresa," and there's a little street in cleveland called "theresa ct." in london, there is a "st. theresa's square" which was very near where i worked and of course there are a million italian restaurants called "theresa's" although many of them spell it wrong.

this is a photo taken in the west side market in cleveland. i have a friend named jim, as well as a first cousin named jim (he and i are only 6 months apart as well - very close childhood buddies) -- so i thought it was funny that these two vendors were next door to each other.

but it also represents to me a set of correspondences - correspondences as i understand them vis a vis my favorite book that explains everything - THE ELIZABETHAN WORLD PICTURE by EMW Tillyard. he taught at jesus college, cambridge - which is one of the colleges i attended there during a "summer abroad" session of my undergraduate years. the book was required reading for students studying shakespeare and marlowe. and it should be. it really does explain everything, and during the three months i sojourned in california, living with my jesus freak sister, THE ELIZABETHAN WORLD PICTURE gave me the only solace i knew.

a lot of people just don't get it - everyone has a cuckoo relative - but most people are lucky enough that the cuckoo relative is not a first degree relative.

repeating the insanity only drives me insane.... suffice it to say, i enjoyed reading the "unsaved" interpretations of how the world got to be the way it was - and explanations of angels and the like through the elizabethan purview.

on another note entirely, seeing Jim's Meats and Theresa's Bakery next to each other corresponds to the properties of cooking and baking and my life. baking is an unforgiving craft if you're talking about breads and cakes. in this craft, you must be exact and exacting or else everything falls apart. however -- if you are using the oven to bake meat, then the method is a forgiving one with lots of leeway, unlike the stove top, where a minute too much of direct fire heat can ruin a meal in a flash.

i learned something today that took me quite by surprise. the lesson i took from the news is that i must stop being subtle.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Greg Cartwright Rools

Pelle & Greg
Originally uploaded by Theresa K.
On Monday, January 31, Greg Cartwright played a rare solo gig at the Belmont bar in Hamtramck, Detroit, MI. Like me, Greg was just up in the D visiting friends.

I extended my weekend just to see him. Greg is one of my favorite songwriters ever, and a good pal, too. Here he is pictured with Howlin' Pelle Almqvist of the Hives, taken this summer when The Hives and The Reigning Sound toured together. pic was taken at Irving Plaza. Greg & Pelle are looking over 7" singles they picked up that day.

in addition to delivering two awesome sets of original songs - Greg DJ'd. He cleverly even played the original of "You Got Me Hummin'" which the Reigning Sound covered on TOO MUCH GUITAR.

such a magical night, saw many friends and heard great music all night long. Who was there? The Coolest Man in the World, Troy Gregory, Mick Collins, Pat Patano and Ben Blackwell - all the Dirtbombs were in the house! Augie from the Hard Lessons, James & Sarah, the filmmakers of IT CAME FROM DETROIT, Matthew Smith of Outrageous Cherry, various Fondas, Steve Shaw, Chip, Mark - Mark joined Greg during the first set, supplying the acoustic guitar, Nick Bataran of the recently disbanded Back in Spades, Wendy Case of the Paybacks, Johnny Hentch and Loretta Lucas, Jackson Smith, various Detroit Cobras, Eddie Baranek of the Sights...

Its a good thing no one dropped a bomb on Hamtramck that night, because there was so much talent in the house

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Witches are Real

Witches are Real
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On Saturday, January 29, I saw The Witches perform at Small's in Hamtramck, Detroit, MI.

Such an amazing performance the likes of which I haven't seen in ages! Playing a mix of old songs and new ones, these Witches entertained their life long fans and won over new converts. They are like no other band. They mesmerize; they alter your reality with their insanity, which is controlled and chaotic all at once.

Maybe if David Bowie was fronting TRex, there could be a band like the Witches, but they rock more.... like Queen in the old days or Led Zeppelin. Guitarists John Nash and Eugene Machine are both strong silent types, but they're like Jimmy Page wailing away. They brew up a lot of menace also - "Some Girls Basement" was exceptionally and excitingly creepy. "Attack ov thee misfit Toys" from the forthcoming album "Thriller" was over the top in its power and camp.

Please go visit the Witches online at the witches
so you can download their amazing songs and check out their noise... as I have said before: Troy Gregory is the coolest man alive.