Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Caught in snow

View from my balcony
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That would be people back east... learning of the NYC transit strike; the freezing (below freezing!) weather... man, I am glad to be in Los Angeles...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Do They Know Its Xmas?

Blue Trash Can
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Here in Los Angeles, its kind of cold. Probably in the 60s. This trash can, a lovely blue, and filled with a Christmas tree was a highlight of my 2004 Christmas holiday walking-for-photo-opps expedition. I was staying with Betsy in Silverlake, right off the busy intersection of Fountain and Sunset.

Christmas 2005 - I am at Hollywood near La Brea...strangely near where my very first apartment was (Franklin and La Brea). Though that apartment building is gone (7231 Franklin), LOTS of the 'hood is the same, even though lots of favorite places are gone (CC Brown's ice cream parlor - where James Dean got his ice cream).

I like the sight of the Xmas tree in the trash. I don't know why it feels as right as it feels picturesque. It feels cinematic; as it should - its Mack Sennett Studio's trash.

Never thought I would think this: living in LA wouldn't be as bad now as it would have been in the 80s/90s. Maybe I'm just old enough to want warm weather in winter?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Somewhere in Nashville

Somewhere in Nashville
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Its taken me a long while to process the rolls of film I have shot since May of this year...this one took a couple months... I still have family pix taken in Chicago in May that have yet to go to the lab... but they're sitting in cold storage in NYC at the moment, and I'm in sunny LA. It'll be another month at least before I can spring those rolls!

Its hard to keep up with my own demand amidst the obligations I have created for myself with the idea that I will have a photo show SOMEWHERE each month. I've had 3 in December and its only the 10th! I had 2 in October. Did I have one in November? I was supposed to be in a show and I forgot about sending the pix until a day too late.... absent minded idiot...

I still don't know where I want to live - or where I want to go once I finish making this movie in LA in January.

Nashville is a contender. They've got this giant bowling pin. Of course, Atlanta has a couple giant chickens... what can your city show me in terms of out-sized creatures?