Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Farm Livin'

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I am in Tennessee and my friends Dub & Joan have this great house on farm land ... that's where I'm staying. They aren't farmers. Like me, they produce TV, movies and events. But they've got this farm house and its great. One of those properties where you can stand out on the deck and know that everything you see belongs to the house.

Anyway - its a bit remote. I didn't realize just HOW remote when I arrived. I got a van service from the airport. The driver and company are based in Murfreesboro, and they had a fare going there. I'm just about 25 miles away.

So, up some hills and a winding road, and here we are. There's a main road three miles down the hill. I don't think three miles is too far to walk.. so yesterday, I walked down to get some groceries. It was hot. I got a tan whether I wanted to or not. I figured once near the town itself, I'd call a taxi.

Guess what? There are no taxis here! A nice woman who was checking out of the grocery store ahead of me helped me get a ride home. With her sister, who'd just walked into the store. These ladies actually grew up on this road where I'm currently staying. Their old house is gone. Sold, the land bought by someone who then built a modern house and eventually sold it to Dub & Joan.

Peculiar? I think not - at least not here.

Anyway... on the walk down the hill, I saw many cows. Talked to them even. This is a picturesque place. I'm looking forward to lots of R&R in between the rock n roll here and in Memphis.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Hot Hot Hot

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Its hot here in NYC. Humid, too. Usually by noon, I feel the need to take another shower. If I don't... I feel as dirty as this transvestite. Gross, eh?

Did I mention anything about this pic before? This is Grace. I met "her" in San Francisco while I was taking a picture of the Red & White Motor Hotel that I thought would make a cool location to shoot a scene in a movie.


She asked me "are you a professional photographer?" I said, "I guess so. I get paid for the photos I take." She snapped, "Well take my picture, girl!"

So here you go. This was taken in March 2003 in San Francisco, a day before the USA started bombing Iraq.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Upcoming Travels

debbie postcard
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I can't believe that I'm Nashville bound on Monday. I have to cram everything in by Sunday AND I got a last minute client with a tight-turnaround today.... just as I was getting ready to call it a day. Second wind has to kick in.

Spent the day with Matt and Annie... it was leisurely because they are that way, but we had a fair bit of coffee and I kept watching the clock... as though I knew. But of course, it always does happen like this.

You want something done? Ask a busy person. A busy person is busy because they get things done.

I just want to take a nice long bath, get a good night's sleep and do nothing.. just for one weekend. It ain't this one. Or next.... I'll be on the road to Memphis.

Hello Elvis...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bob Dylan 1974

Bob Dylan 1974
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I have seen Bob Dylan play live on every single tour he's done since 1974. You say Dedication? I say, he's the greatest living poet in the USA, maybe the world. At times, I feel that I was a little bold at 16, taking his photo when he was seated behind me at a concert at the Forum in LA.... but I had just seen him there, with The Band. They really did change my life....

Sorry for the intrusion, Bob... but ever since I heard "Positively 4th St., " I became uncompromising. "Mr Tambourine Man" turned my world from BW to color (OK... it was the Byrds, but it is your song) and Oh Mercy just changed everything. I bought Love and Theft the day it was released. September 11, 2001. Telling. "Lonesome Day Blues" got me through that one. It gets me through just about every day.