Friday, October 15, 2004

why the sopranos was initially good

it was unheard of that tony soprano, mob boss of a secondary or tertiary crew, would see a shrink. talk to a civilian about the business. but even those people who work in the secret worlds need to unload the static in their heads.

i work for a celebrity. it's kind of the same thing. some of my friends get it. some of my friends also work for celebrities, which is why they get it. those who don't get it are believing the hype. that's the problem.

i feel like i can't exactly go to a shrink and say, "i work for a celebrity and its really shitty." because i don't think s/he would understand WHY. if s/he cold get past the part that working with the rich n famous is fun n games, then s/he would ask me about my parents and my relationship with authority and all that. my relationship with my parents was normal. my relationship with authority is normal. i do not understand why some people feel entitled simply because they are famous. i do not understand how any one can be so narcissistic.

i believe in the merit system. we clearly don't operate that way here.

Friday, October 01, 2004

vioxx, debates, time flies

ok, first of all, in my time zone, it is already OCTOBER 1.
when i last blinked, it was JUNE. what happened?

anyway, this morning awoke to all the news about vioxx being pulled off the market. now, this interests me because i have osteo-arthritis, but have always resisted the RX fanatics who touted vioxx and celebrex, and at least now, i have the last laugh on the vioxx pushers. i am 46. that is way too young to have arthritis, but then again, i've injured these damn bones over and over again. coupled with the fact that i think arthritis runs in the family.... oh, just give me a cane!

did you watch the debate? bush and kerry. i don't like either of them, but my dislike for bush, his policies and his team far outweigh my disinterest in kerry. he's a patrician and bush is the renegade son of a patrician puppetmaster. which is the lesser of the evils? neither of them knows a thing about normal people and what we need.

all i can hope for is a massive WRITE IN CAMPAIGN for BILL CLINTON.

i wish that i had the ability to speak into kerry's ear during this debate, though i don't think he needed any help. bush can look like a dumb ass with no assistance from anyone.

on the telly: pirates of the caribbean. a fine flight of fancy. i love that johnny depp.