Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Annual LA Power Failure

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Originally uploaded by Theresa K.
In 2004-->2005, there was a power outtage that affected large portions of LA during its usual rainy winter. Over the Christmas holidays, 2004, Betsy and I entertained ourselves by singing campfire versions of punk rock songs like "Sheena is a Punk Rocker." Be fore-warned that "Sonic Reducer" does not really work as a campfire song.

This year was no different. The day after New Years, 2006, there was a power outtage over huge portions of Los Angeles (and the Dept of Water and Power offered no explanation - I guess we were to blame the rain? Ha ha. Milli Vanilli already tried that. They failed). Anyway... it lasted 12 hours for me. I was able to entertain myself by watching "Magical Mystery Tour" on my laptop. I still think "Death cab for cutie" makes a better avant-garde cabaret song than band name, I'm just sayin'....