Thursday, September 15, 2005

this night was...

Ian McLagan and two Forty Fives
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in august 2004. one of the better days/nights that year.

met bryan in the subway station. he came from bushwick and i from park slope and we met at around the same time (who knew we could pull that off?) in the delancey street station. we took a cab up to lincoln center, ate chinese food and then went to see mac.

a couple weeks earlier, the forty-fives were in austin and dropped in on mac's in-store and met him there. then they were in nyc at the same time.

it was such a fantastic feeling to KNOW that once again, two sets of musicians i introduced to one another got along like a house on fire.

adam was a missing person that night. too bad. i don't think i've seen him since.


Saturday, September 10, 2005

I like photos like this

Hans & Jeremy
Originally uploaded by Theresa K.
shifting focus, golden light, like vermeer meets nan goldin...